Roman Beings now organizes tours on Airbnb.

Tour Trastevere – Campo dei Fiori

Roman Beings welcomes you to visit the workshops and studios of artisans and artists still present today in the historic center of Rome.

The walk is about 2h1/2 between Trastevere and Campo dei Fiori. In entering their workshops you’ll breathe the air of real laboratories.
 You will meet one of the last turners, with his lab full of chips, the sculptor who creates works in ceramics, a famous glass artist, the leather craftsman that manufactures unique hand made sofas and original chairs, an eccentric street artist who paints on large sheets of paper and who hangs them on the wall of the road with nails.

Faces, hands, voices, works of art and crafts in the background of the alleys in the heart of Rome. Some craftsmen would also be available to attend short private courses to share their “know how”.