We got in touch with mister Romualdo thanks to another artisan that adviced us to meet him, as he’s one of the few artisans left in the neighborhood.
The workshop “Lamp Laboratory” saw light in 1971. He creates and repairs vintage lamps since he was fourteen.
Descending the ramp of his laboratory we are surrounded by lamps suspended from the ceiling or filling every given corner.
We meet a man of 75 with a vivid glance and a jolly spirit. A soul full of activities, not only devoted to his work, but also involved as a baseball trainer. Actually, even if he never played this game before, he’s a self taught trainer, leaving the workshop every two days.
In 2008 he spotted a blind baseball team, and created “Roma All Blinds”, that won Italian cup and European championship last year against Germany and France.

Video by Valeria Tomasulo.

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