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Craftsmen & Artists in Rome

Maurizio & Sylvie

“I eat it every day”

Dario Alfonsi

“Every piece is unique…”

Bottega Mortet

“Antique craftsman knowledge…”

Andrea Zambotti

“My passion”

Sandro Fiorentini

” Now I am coming to the crunch! Let me work that….I have to work! Ah, ah, ah!”

Patrizia Fabri

“Top hat must go straight, elegant!”

Andrea Moraes

“Light it up for yourself, to make company!”

Bruno Muratori

“I am 58 and I am not a natural born framer, I just became it!”

Claudio Novelli

“….I put my feet up….”

Bruno Correnti

“Mechanics and Junk Shop Owners always have interesting materials”

Rossana Alessandrini

“I enjoy my job”

Lidia Scalzo

“Art is in life”

Vincenzo Perini

“I was born with colours inside …..”

Studio Forme Arte da Usare

“Some time ago I’ve been asked from a lady to make a mold of her son’s face…… “

Antonio Grieco

“Hold on!”

Ermini Brothers

“Our relationship is perfect as long as we don’t talk to each another”

Marina Graziani -decorator -porcelain painting

In one of the most beautiful areas of Rome, we know Marina. He welcomes us with sweetness and a big…

Francesco Berardelli

“When I still was a student, I used to come here to help my uncle….”

Giancarlino Benedetti Corcos

“….emotions must not be anaesthetized!”

Romualdo Signori

“I’ll never stop…”

Women at Work (La Bottega Women)

“…..and then, sharing the rent is important….”

Cristina Fontana

“While gilding you have to breath in a way, you must not sneeze, and laughing blows it around”

Domenico Annicchiarico

“I was born in a shed, among the clay in Sorrento….”

Joseph Debach

“Each model is a unique and inimitable sculpture”

Ornella De Cataldo

“Life is an endless fight, a continuous struggle”.

Alessandro Monti

“The Artist distorts the truth…..”

Pietro Filoso

“….here, no one applies to learn the trade”

Giovanni Rosa

“Once there was an osmosis between craftsmen and artists…”

Logical Space Design

“After plants and leaves, we started making bugs”

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